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for Sale SE Mare - surprisearabians - 29.07.2014 09:32 PM

2006 Beautiful Straight Egyptian mare that traces back in the tail female line to "the Queen of the Nile", the famous mare MONIET EL NEFOUS!!! She is a granddaughter of MAYSOUN (ANSATA HALIM SHAH x MAYSOUNA by IBN GALAL!!!
In the sireline she traces back to IMPERIAL IMDAL (ANSATA IMPERIAL x DALIA by MORAFIC)!!! She is a sweet mare, also for kids and is easy to handle. She would make a great broodmare or awesome ridinghorse. She isn't broken to ride yet. She measures ± 1.55m

[Bild: Foto-6I3STALI.jpg]

[Bild: Foto-TZCND84S.jpg]